Language lessons

PORTAAL offers language lessons and refresher courses for companies, both on an individual and group basis. These services are also available outside of the company context to individuals and groups.

Refresher courses and tutoring for all ages, at every level
Having trouble with one or more languages at school? How about at the office? Yes? Portaal is there to help. Our teachers are ready and willing to help you with all the ins and outs of grammar and pronunciation. Where necessary, they can provide you with additional exercises that help you improve where you need it most. We also give you the opportunity to practice your skills in real time: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Language lessons for all ages, at every level
Go from A1 beginner level to C2 expert. Each of our language courses is preceded by an intake interview that includes a placement test and a needs assessment. This guarantees that our courses are finely tuned to your needs.

In-house, in-company, via Skype or Webex
We usually hold classes in the friendly atmosphere of one of our offices. On request, however, we can provide in-company training or conduct courses via telephone or Skype. That way you can enjoy the benefits of private lessons without the additional hassle and time lost on travel. 

Highly qualified teachers
Portaal works exclusively with qualified teachers who hold a degree in teaching. The courses are interactive and our teachers employ practical, hands-on methods to ensure that students and/or participants not only interact with the material but retain it as well. Our teachers use relevant, up-to-date teaching methods and draw on teaching materials that engage as many senses as possible. We adjust the content of the courses based on your needs and wishes.

Where needed, you have the option of being awarded a participant’s certificate with a description of the level achieved following the course.

Portaal is all about qualityresultscustomised guidance and flexible teaching hours.

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