Translation services

Are you on a quest for a solid translation that’s budget-friendly too? Or perhaps you’ve already written or translated your own text but aren’t quite sure whether it sounds fluent enough or has the right degree of accuracy. We’ll not only check for accuracy of field-specific terminology and proper grammar, but we will also ensure that the tone and style are appropriate to your target audience.

How do we guarantee quality? We work exclusively with experienced and qualified translators and native speakers. Our translators specialise in a wide variety of fields. That’s how we guarantee that any material you send us not only reflects the purpose of your text but the expertise of your business as well. Quality and speed are top priorities at Vertaalbureau Portaal, so it goes without saying that meeting deadlines on time or ahead of time is an inherent part of our offer. Do you have a last-minute translation? Want to be sure that your text is perfect by having one of our editors revise your translation? We can do this and more! We select the best translator for you, based on your needs.

In addition to legal and administrative documents, we also translate texts for marketing and websites. Our own business experience gives us a special understanding of just how important these are to your company’s success. Are accuracy and speed the only things taken into consideration? Definitely not. We also understand how important it is for your text to sound fluent, target a specific audience, or reflect the schwung that marketing texts require. And that’s precisely why our translators and copywriters are dedicated to creative, fluent translations. They focus on the source and the target text, ensuring that every translation is smooth, accurate and style-appropriate in the target language.

A sample of what we do:

Commercial translations: websites, courses, brochures, leaflets, newsletters, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
Legal translations: contracts, articles of association, statutes, terms and conditions, etc.
Creative translations: marketing, advertising, press releases, slogans, poems, literature, art, etc.
ICT translations: software, manuals, instructions, technical specifications, applications, GDPR, cybersecurity, etc.
Medical and pharmaceutical translations: leaflets, product descriptions, medical reports, training material, etc.
Technical translations: manuals, operating instructions, building contracts, etc.
Business documents: correspondence, contracts, meeting minutes, annual reports, etc.
Financial-economic translations: market trends, accounting, current legal financial developments, etc.

Subtitling: translating and/or subtitling for film clips, sound bites and videos, etc.
Transcriptions: interviews, meeting minutes, round table discussions, conferences, etc.
Revisions: proofreading and correcting texts (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, cover letters, CVs, thesis, master thesis, dissertations, etc.)
Copywriting: SEO content, creative translations, writing copy from scratch.

Interested in finding out what your translation, revision or copywriting will cost? Contact us now for a free quote.

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